This Pharmaceutical Park is not only going to provide jobs for pharmacists, there will be a whole lot of Nigerians that will be employed because of this park – Pharm Ignatius Anukwu (National Chairman, NAIP; Interviewed 2020)

About Pharmacity


Pharmacity – the first Indigenous Pharmaceutical Park, an intervention that strives to tackle the unmet needs for both demand and supply of medicines.

An intervention that brings in all key stakeholders including the government, academia, professionals and private sector to revolutionize indigenous drug manufacturing and reposition Nigeria to benefit from freer trade on the continent while increasing exports. This intervention tackles the existing challenges within the industry including infrastructure, regulatory policy and access to affordable and reasonable funding.

Pharmacity is a compact modern-day pharmaceutical industrial estate bringing together pharmaceutical companies of various sizes, service providers and companies providing support services to co-locate and share infrastructure. It will serve as a means to increase Nigeria’s medicine and health product manufacturing capacity and enable her to reach her full potential while ensuring strict adherence to international standards.

Pharmacity Will

the cost of production of medicine and health products leading to better profit margins.
increased competitiveness of these products in the international market, for exports, and improved foreign exchange earnings.
premium grade health products that are easily accessible and affordable for the population.
a more resilient medicine supply chain that is less vulnerable to external shocks and other eventualities, thus ensuring medicine security and sustainability in the supply chain.

“The establishment of a Pharmaceutical Park will create more jobs for Nigerians, serve as a security bait for us to secure our country and expand the economy”

– Pharm. Elijah Mohammed (Registrar PCS; Interviewed 2020)

Blueprint Plans

The park will be a one-stop-shop, providing numerous services to address the needs of the pharmaceutical companies situated within. The Pharmacity is categorized into five zones, each complimenting the other, to create a humane industrial estate that maintains a balance between work, play, learning and living.

Pharmacity will comprise:

The Industrial Zone

The Industrial zone boasts of state-of-the-art facilities, with well-planned sections including:

  • Factories with access-control for production,
  • Administration block and office building for regulatory agencies.
  • Warehouses for raw materials and finished products.
The Shared Service Zone

The shared service zone will have:

  • A water Treatment Plant,
  • An Effluent Treatment Plant,
  • A Power Plant,
  • Warehouses and hubs to hold other pharmaceutical products for logistics and delivery, and
  • Offices for the Park Operator.
Support/Common Service Zone

The support service zone will have:

  • The Quality control block,
  • Equipment Qualification and Maintenance Facility,
  • Training Center,
  • Fire Fighting Facility,
  • Logistics and Distribution Centers, and Petrol Stations.
  • At the heart of the Support Services will be the Pharmaceutical Center of Excellence for Research and Development.
  • Hospital
  • Restaurants
  • Conference Center
The Residential Zone

The pink zone. In this zone will be situated:

  • High, medium, and low-income residential buildings (semi-detached duplex, terrace duplex, block of flats)
  • Hotel
  • Banks
  • Banks
  • Schools
The Recreational Zone

The green zone.

This zone will house relaxation courses including:

  • Football pitch
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Amphitheater

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“Around the world, there isn’t a better investment you can make than to invest in the pharmaceutical sector. You’re investing in a sector that you are sure you are going to get returns but at the same time you are also investing in a sector that will help improve the lives and well-being of people around you”

– Dr. Obi Adigwe (Director General NIPRD; Interviewed 2020)

Who should get on board


Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of solid and liquid dosage forms, parenterals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients.

  • Research and Development
  • Supply Chain Providers
  • Finance Institutions
  • Utility Service Providers
  • Federal Government & State Agencies
  • Support
  • Quality Control

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Pharmacity will provide


Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of solid and liquid dosage forms, parenterals, active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients.

  • Adequate Infrastructure
  • Research and Development/span>
  • Medicine Security
  • Best Practice

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About Pharmacity

All you need to know

Benefits of Pharmacity

  • Increased returns on investment and wealth creation for stakeholders.
  • Opportunities for employment.
  • Reduced bottlenecks in obtaining regulatory approvals as the park will host Regulatory Agencies.
  • Opportunities for export to other African countries.
  • In-flow of Foreign Direct Investment, Technological, and Managerial know-how.
  • Achieving the 50:50 objective.
  • Foreign Exchange Earnings.

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Suite D6 Mazado Plaza Mongonu Shettima, behind Berger yard Utako, Abuja, Nigeria
Open – 9am to 6 pm.

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“In view of what is currently happening in the pharmaceutical sector in the country, where we want to increase the production capacity of Nigeria, we need these kind of parks to come into play”

– Mr Femi Soremekun

(President NIROPHARM; MD Biofem Group; Interviewed 2020)

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